Smart Office Assistant

Increase the effectiveness of processes in the company
thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

Smart Office Assistant is a smart OCR using Advanced Machine Learning algorithms

A virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence (AI) reduces costs and increases the efficiency of activities carried out in law firms, accounting offices and other companies where a lot of time is devoted to the analysis and development of documentation.

Much more than OCR

What distinguishes Smart Office Assistant from standard OCR?

Advanced Learning Machine

Advanced Machine Learning algorithms mean that the Smart Office Assistant not only reads, but also understands data from the processed documents.

Intelligent task management

Smart Office Assistant recognises document types and independently manages the process of working on them. It assigns tasks related to the document being processed to specific persons and monitors the progress of work.

Learning skill

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, Smart Office Assistant expands its databases and learns processes and behaviours appropriate for your business domain with every activity.

See what Smart Office Assistant
can do for your company:

Digitalisation of paper documents

Smart Office Assistant using OCR technology (optical character recognition) automatically digitises paper documents.It reads their contents and stores their digital version.

Intelligent analysis and processing of document content

Thanks to the use of advanced Machine Learning algorithms, Smart Office Assistant is able to understand the text being processed, recognise the types of information, search and mark them in the text, knowing what details a given type of document should contain.

Automatic process management

Smart Office Assistant will recognise information that will require assigning specific tasks. The assistant will put them in the appropriate system, inform the right people about the created task and the date of their implementation.

Analysis of work progress, notification
of the team and external suppliers

Monitors the work and its progress. It supports the entire process, contact with the people involved, reminds of expiring or expired deadline. It also monitors external suppliers and recipients cooperating with the company, as well as banks and post offices.

What can you expect when you add
Smart Office Assistant to your team?

Organisation of processes
and work environment

Smart Office Assistant processes and stores documents in a digital version, thanks to which the pile of documents will disappear from the desks of your employees, and access to their digital base will make sure that none of them will ever be lost in any of the company’s binder.

Lower costs and greater job satisfaction among team members

Smart Office Assistant will relieve employees of boring and repetitive tasks, such as: processing of very similar documents or searching for necessary data. Thanks to this, you will reduce costs and entrust your employees with ambitious and creative tasks that will really affect their job satisfaction and the development of your company.

Who does Smart Office Assistant
already work for?

law firms

notary offices

accounting offices

technology companies

Add Smart Office Assistant
to your team and gain from it!

higher performance

cost reduction

less burden on key employees

better work organisation

Smart Office Assistant