Artificial intelligence for your business

AI technologies that increase the competitiveness of your company


Automation as a key to saving money

Implementation of AI solutions reduce the cost of work while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Innovation your advantage on the market

Use of artificial intelligence will free a new business potential of your company.

AI as a help for the customer service

Virtual assistant based on machine learning will improve the efficiency of the service department.

Advanced data as a support in decision-making process

Intelligent systems based on big data will accelerate business decision path.

Intelligent technology for your business

At Ignited, we create innovative solutions using AI and data science technologies that help companies to build a competitive advantage in a dynamically changing market. The services we offer provide our clients with modern and effective tools that increase process security, optimize and automate work, as well as revolutionize the current approach to business.

AI made in PL

The projects we implement are the result of tight cooperation of our experienced team with a specialists and experts from academic circles. Thanks to the involvement and passion to create and develop unconventional projects based on AI technologies, the solutions offered by Ignited will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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